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Product design

Coca-Cola briefed the team on this project to explore how the brand could enrich the mixers portfolio digital experience to customers and consumers. The project team built a web platform where all audiences could be inspired with rich product content as well as a bespoke tool allowing customers to create drinks menus for their venues. This would result in more drinks sales across the category as well as raising brand affinity.


Discovery // Product design // Dashboard design  // Web design




By laying out the goals we planned to achieve broken down by the UX activities, we were able to deliver confidence to stakeholders from the outset of the project.



The first activity to perform was to conduct a competitive analysis. In this case a Red/Blue Ocean diagram was chosen. Content features presented by other mixers brands were studied to collect valuable insight. The blue ocean of opportunity showed a lack of content and services aimed at customers, where consumer targeted content was ample.

Image 1.jpg


Motivations, needs, tasks and paint points of the two key customer user types were flashed out.


This activity allowed us to think about what the users' ultimate goals were in their roles within the bar environment. We looked into how the mixers platform feature set could address those audience needs.

Image 4.png
Image 6.png
Image 5.png


With the learnings uncovered through the Blue Ocean diagram, we were able to define key content pillars to accommodate audience needs and opportunities.


This would provide a sufficient starting point towards setting an informed content recommendations to present on the platform.

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