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Product design

Coca-Cola briefed the team on this project to explore how the brand could enrich the mixers portfolio digital experience to customers and consumers. The project team built a web platform where all audiences could be inspired with rich product content as well as a bespoke tool allowing customers to create drinks menus for their venues. This would result in more drinks sales across the category as well as raising brand affinity.


Discovery // Product design // Dashboard design  // Web design



Mixers admin panel

Following the work developing the menu generator, Coca-Cola customer service reps needed a dashboard that would help them manage their customers' menu design projects before they went to print.

This tool allowed the reps to support their customers by helping them register their venue on the platform, create a menu and do a final revision before the menus get sent to the printing partner.

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 11.50.16.png
Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 11.50.08.png


The process of completing these user flows provided the overview needed to flesh out the functional specifications for the admin dashboard. The first flow reflects how an administrator could view a customer's menu and edit its contents in case there were any significant errors made.


The second flow reflects how an administrator could approve specific customer requests such as approving menu designs to send to print or duplicating menus to send to additional venues.


A detailed functional specifications document was produced to act as a single source for all of the site features in a way that was easy to navigate and to use as reference for all parties involved in the project.


It especially helped the developers have a clear understanding of the way the software needed to be built.



The design approach for the admin dashboard was done in a way that put emphasis on the information architecture of the pages. CTAs were treated with pops of colour to make it very clear what the next steps were to the user as they navigated through the required actions. Tables were given appropriate spatial treatment so as not to clutter the information, making the labels and data as easy to read as possible.

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