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Information architecture

Jo Malone needed a user experience expert to help them showcase a fragrance based campaign on their website which highlighted the art of combining different scents from their product line to create one-of-a-kind fragrances. A creative visual strategy for the campaign was delivered alongside a digital content strategy for the global site. This involved a thorough content audit and a definition of how it would be organised and presented on the site.


Content audit // Content strategy // Information architecture





As part of the broader UX project for Jo Malone, a meticulous content audit was conducted to assess the existing material and lay the foundation for an effective content strategy. Our team diligently mapped out the existing content, extracting key editorial themes that resonated with the brand's target audience. These themes served as the framework for creating a diverse and relevant content strategy that aimed to captivate and engage the users. By identifying evergreen content, we were able to determine valuable resources that could be offered beyond time-sensitive content or articles tied to specific campaigns. This comprehensive content audit ensured that the Jo Malone platform provided a wealth of compelling information to its audience, fostering a lasting connection and enriching the user experience.

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The content strategy played a crucial role in enhancing the consumer journey and driving brand equity. Our ambitious project focused on leveraging content as a powerful tool for increased conversion rates and maintaining a strong brand voice online. Moreover, the content was carefully packaged for use in all markets, including new ones, to ensure a consistent brand experience. By making content work harder across all owned channels, we aimed to maximize its impact and deliver exceptional value to Jo Malone's global audience.

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In order to meet the content requirements of the fragrance campaign, a pivotal UX task involved structuring a web page that would effectively showcase the offerings. Our team proposed an innovative solution—an interactive fragrance combining tool that would engage and delight users. This tool allowed individuals to input their scent preferences, enabling the generation of personalized fragrance combinations tailored to their unique tastes. By seamlessly integrating this interactive feature into the web page, we not only provided a captivating experience but also empowered users to actively participate in the creative process of fragrance exploration. This user-centric approach exemplifies our commitment to crafting immersive digital experiences that go beyond conventional boundaries, elevating Jo Malone's fragrance campaign to new heights.

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