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Web design

For the launch of the new Coke Energy drink, Coca-Cola requested a fresh design for the products' brand page. Content needed to be organised intuitively to align with an expert understanding of a user's expectations when visiting a drink band website. Variations of the brand page were tailored to the unique content needs of 14 different markets across the Western Europe business unity, all of which included the page within their brand site ecosystem.


Wireframes // Screen design // Authoring guidance





After a content audit and a component review, wireframes were created to demonstrate how different markets could showcase the product information.


These wireframes demonstrated the choice of components required to author the layouts within the Coke-owned web environment.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 16.59.08.png


With a mixture of existing brand VIS and newly created assets, screen designs were pulled together based on the wireframes, high fidelity designs were presented to the markets.

Certain markets would use different variations of content depending on local preferences and availability.


Once the designs were finalised, the tech teams required guidance as to how to build the page within the Coke-owned authoring environment.


This meant a working demo was built to demonstrate how the page would look and feel in-browser.

Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 12.42.32.png
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