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Web design

In the case of the Henriksen Studio Website Refresh project, our aim was to overhaul and unify their online presence, enhancing lead generation and offering a more cohesive experience for visitors. We embarked on a journey to redefine the site's structure, focusing on navigation and layout improvements, and introducing captivating new pages to vividly narrate the studio's story. The project resulted in a visually stunning website that perfectly captured the studio's identity, as envisioned in the project scope. We seamlessly incorporated a blog section, complete with a well-structured content calendar, ensuring a consistent stream of engaging material. Our team also conducted a comprehensive guidance session, equipping the studio's team with the know-how to effortlessly publish new articles, aided by a user-friendly how-to document. The final touch included domain transfer services, cementing Henriksen Studio's revitalized digital presence.


Discovery // Site map // Layout designs // Live site




Performing a content audit was pivotal in optimizing the new site's structure. This process facilitated the development of a visual site map, serving as a blueprint for the recommended approach. The site map not only prompted discussions about which content should be retained, removed, or updated but also shed light on the necessity of creating new content to address gaps and fulfill business requirements.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 14.45.44.png


Defining the look and feel of the new website was a collaborative and iterative process. It began with a team discussion where members shared their preferences and inspirations for website aesthetics, which they had prepared in advance. The consensus was to create a light, clean, and airy design, favouring a Scandinavian style over a dark and technical one. To guide the team, I conducted desk research to gather inspiration and used it to propose a clear visual direction for the site. The homepage served as the focal point to communicate and gain team approval for the chosen visual direction.


After achieving consensus on the desired look and feel of the website, the next pivotal step was the creation of page layouts for every screen. These layouts were meticulously crafted, aligning with the established visual direction, but also demonstrating the content structure of the site. The process involved creating an element and component library which ensured consistency across the entire experience. Subsequently, the designs underwent a comprehensive review process with the team, ensuring that they met the project's objectives and aesthetics. Once the layouts received unanimous approval, they were deemed ready for the development phase. This critical stage of the project marked the seamless transition from design to the practical implementation of the web pages.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 15.12.27.png
Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 15.12.50.png


The Benefit Loves app was publicly released one month ago and has received positive feedback with a five-star rating on the App Store. The team is currently working on Release 1.5, which is scheduled for release in the coming month, and will include new features based on user feedback and our scheduled roadmap. The current version's user-friendly interface, editorial content, and  loyalty mechanics, have received a fantastic response from users, all powered by the latest technology including Flutter's framework and Contentful's headless CMS.

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