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Digital art direction

Dr Prager skincare wanted to explore a new visual identity to promote their products better online. The execution needed to be implemented across the business's key touchpoints; web and social. A thorough research phase was carried out to understand how skincare/beauty brands positioned their communications. The final output was a visual identity booklet which helped the business implement the final recommended direction.


Competitor analysis // Visual alignment // Moodboard // Brand book // Screen design




To help identify uncontested market space and hidden opportunities, a 'Blue Ocean' competitive analysis was conducted. A set of variables were defined to reflect a mixture of themes that were common across skincare/beauty communications as well as themes that were put forward by our client that met their objectives.


These allowed for the metrics to be set in order to measure each variable against the activities of their key competitors.


Once the measurements were plotted, empty space made it clear to see what the competitor brands were doing or not doing in relation to the specific areas reviewed. Empty spaces at the top of the graph reflected blue ocean opportunities; things the brand could do more of. Empty space at the bottom part of the graph show red ocean opportunities. These are areas where the brand could consider doing less of in order to differentiate from the competition.



The results from Blue Ocean task provided useful insight to compare with the results from consumer interviews.


Two pillars were identified through which we set out to form our visual identity approach; Emotive essence and trust.



Creating a visual mood board formed the route of natural luxury as a derivative of emotive essence. This collection of images helped drive the conservation about how these concepts could be represented through photography.  The intimacy of the macro photography evoked the feeling of stepping into a moment to notice the fine details, impurities. This paired with photography of subjects that were more zoomed out created a feeling of reality; a full picture.

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 17.18.21.png


A brand book was produced to help provide the business with clear guidance on how to position their brand visually as well as for their content planning. This covered everything from a brand manifesto to typography as well as giving clear definition of the tone of voice to be used throughout all their future communications.



For demonstrative purposes, pages of the brand's website were used to display how the visual approach could be incorporated through this communication channel. The natural luxury photography was hero-ed through the website's look and feel that gave way to white space and simplicity.

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