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Information architecture

Honest Organic drinks had an ambition to create a website that stood out from the company's other drinks brands' sites. They hired a design agency to produce screen designs but needed help to determine how the site would be structured. This task was to audit the work that had been created as well as the content provided by the marketing team.  A hub-and-spoke approach was recommended and a fully functional prototype was produced using Framer.


Site map // Prototype




Laying out the content pages to be included helped uncover the hub-and-spoke approach where the site landing page behaved as the central hub for the rest of the site.


The user moved through to three content areas, and could easily use navigation controls included on those pages to return back to the home page.

These controls were located either at the top right-hand corner, or the top left-hand corner. 

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 10.59.47.png


Based on the architectural approach a web-based prototype was created using Framer. This tool was chosen because the design team had specifically asked that animated gifs could be visible in the prototype. Framer was a tool we knew could support this. Viewing the prototype is available on request to

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