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Information architecture

The Coca-Cola company rolled out a pilot site with plans to migrate it globally. The site included a menu solution that was found not to suit the needs of certain markets yet to switch over to the new look. This presented the need to develop an updated menu solution which could accommodate those needs better.


Site map // Navigation design // Design adaptation




An example site map was created in order to present how the page organisation could be improved for a market with a large amount of brand content (as apposed to corporate-led content).


Coca-Cola Spain had invested a lot of time and effort to create a host or brand-led content and activations compared to other markets, making this an ideal market site to use to demonstrate a new navigation structure.


The main goal was to make brand-led content easy to discover that didn't get lost amongst the corporate content which would now, for the first time be living under one umbrella site.

Group 705_2x.png


The proposed solution presented for the global team was one that allowed the user to be guided through to articles or information pages. The recommendation presented a de-cluttered menu which in tern gave the user the opportunity to engage with more of the site's existing content.

The introduction of a page-level sub-menu was made for brand pages or sections of the site to help highlight their local  collection of specific content. These sub-menus could be adapted visually to the brand or kept to the default skin for corporate-led content.

The solution would maintain access to the global menu, but would include signposting to keep the user oriented within the greater site. 

Artboard – 22.png
Artboard – 27.png


In order to better sell the solution to stakeholders, examples of the menu designs were adapted to demonstrate how the sub-menu could look with appropriate branding applied to the menus.

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