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Product design

This was a task to deliver and integrate new designs for several pages of an existing promotion tool. The tool allowed Coca-Cola marketing teams to set up local digital promotions. In reference to what had already been made, a design system was applied to the pages which increased the ease of use for the site's visitors from an informational and functional standpoint. Once the structure and designs were defined, the job was to work closely with the development agency to ensure a perfect build.


Site map // Screen design // Process design // Email design  // User journeys




The majority of the pages were reference pages that sat one level down from the home/hub page. The complexity of the tool was the promotion approval flow, where users could answer a series of questions about a potential promotional activation. Their responses determined a suitable mechanic for entry.


At the final stage a briefing card was generated which the user could present to budget holders in order to move the promotion forward to the build phase. 



Designs were drawn up using Sketch. The reason for choosing this tool was the ability to export the screens in such a way that the developer could easily access the CSS rules that were needed to build from the designs quickly and efficiently.



A close working relationship took place between the teams to define each step a marketing manager would need to address in order to set up a promotion for their brand.


A checklist was created that reflected the prioritised steps which followed a smart information design to align with these new pages.



An e-mail template was required that would be triggered to send to users when they completed the final stage of the tool.


It needed to maintain the same look and feel as the tool designs and also to follow a format in-line with the email template from the toolkit defined for the business.




Once the appropriate mechanic was recommended through the tool, visual user journeys were presented to the user to help them visualise how the mechanic worked. There were 62 journeys created that acted like visual aids to marketing managers who were often less familiar with the technical aspects of setting up promotions.

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